Maren Greathouse

Director, Tyler Clementi Center

Maren Greathouse serves as Director of the Tyler Clementi Center, a research center examining the impact of bias, peer aggression, and campus climate on students holding marginalized and/or stigmatized identities. Ms. Greathouse oversees all strategic planning, research efforts, academic initiatives, external partnerships and operations. She was the founding Director of the LGBTQ and Intercultural Resource Center at Rutgers University-Newark and LGBT Student Development at Towson University. She holds a Masters of Science degree in Social Responsibility from St. Cloud State University, a program grounded in the study of social identity politics, structural oppression, and the social responsibility of individuals, organizations, governments and the private sector. She is currently pursuing a terminal degree in Higher Education with the Rutgers University Graduate School of Education. Her research interests include equity and diversity, student affairs praxis and class dynamics in higher education.