Topic Highlights

Meta-Analysis of Campus Climate for Queer-Spectrum and Trans-Spectrum Students National

Local survey instruments used to measure student experiences struggle with the parameters to operationalize sexual and gender identity. In recent years, key national research institutes have initiated the incorporation of these variables into their respective instruments, providing unprecedented data on the experiences of queer-spectrum and trans-spectrum students across higher education. The marquis project presented at this Academic Colloquium will be a meta-analysis of data collected by the four leading datasets measuring student experience across higher education: the National Survey of Student Engagement (Center for Postsecondary Research, Indiana University Bloomington), the CIRP Freshman Survey/Your First College Year Survey/Diverse Learning Environments Survey (Cooperative Institutional Research Program, University of California-Los Angeles), the Student Experience at the Research University Survey (SERU Consortium, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and the University of California-Berkeley), the ACHA-National College Health Assessment (American College Health Association), and over 190 institutional climate assessments (Rankin & Associates). Representing findings from across American higher education, scholars from each of the aforementioned research centers will present findings that address campus climate indicators, health disparities, and academic outcomes for queer-spectrum and trans-spectrum student populations. Following this presentation, audience members will be invited for one-on-one conversations with panelists.


Mary T. Hoban, Ph.D.

Chief Research Officer
The American College Health Association

Director of the ACHA National College Health Assessment

Ronald L. Huesman, Jr. Ph.D.

Managing Director
The Student Experience in the Research University-Association of American Universities Consortium (SERU-AAU)

Ellen Stolzenberg, Ph.D.

Assistant Director for Research
The Higher Education Research Institute in the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies

Allison BrckaLorenz, Ph.D.

Project Manager
The Faculty Survey of Student Engagement

Research Analyst
The National Survey of Student Engagement

Susan Rankin, Ph.D

Principal Investigator
Rankin & Associates