Topic Highlights

Emerging Issues of Policy and Practice

A new generation of scholars and practitioners are redefining the way that higher education addresses scholarship and practice related to queer-spectrum and trans-spectrum students.  Panelists will address deficits in this landscape, offering a critical analysis of research instruments and measures, the influence of personal identities on scholarship and practice, the elements of the academic culture/climate that mitigate and marginalize this work, the absence of representative narratives in existing scholarship, and the challenges that arise in translating research to effective policy and practice.  Panelists will explore challenges in multiple institutional settings, including 2-year and 4-year public/private institutions, historically Black colleges/universities (HBCUs) and religiously-affiliated institutions.


Chris Woods, M.A.

Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs and LGBTQ Outreach
Columbia University

Joshua Wolff, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology at Adler University

Erich N.Pitcher, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Research and Communication with Diversity & Cultural Engagement
Oregon State University

Steve D. Mobley, Jr., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Higher Education
Department of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Technology Studies
University of Alabama

Jason C. Garvey, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs
Department of Leadership and Developmental Sciences at the University of Vermont