Our Team

Director of LGBTQ & Diversity Resources Maren Greathouse

Maren Greathouse


Maren Greathouse is the Director of the Center.  She founded and served as the inaugural Director of the LGBTQ & Diversity Resource Center at Rutgers University-Newark from 2011-2016.  This program served as a hub for LGBTQ resources, student support, educational outreach, research initiatives, institutional advocacy and community partnership with LGBTQ stakeholders. Maren graduated from St. Cloud State University with a Masters of Science degree in Social Responsibility and is currently pursuing a terminal degree in Higher Education Leadership with the Rutgers Graduate School of Education. Her research interests include equity and diversity, student affairs praxis and class dynamics in higher education.


Nikita Correa

Program Coordinator of Digital Communications and Social Media

Nikita Correa is the Program Coordinator for the Center and heads up our digital engagement and social media initiatives.  She has six years of experience in social media marketing and over 14 years of experience working in the field of comprehensive sexual health education. Nikita is a graduate of Rutgers University-Douglass College, where she discovered her passion for advocacy and student engagement, serving as a campus Sexual Health Advocate (SHA) and a Community Health Educator for Planned Parenthood of Central NJ. Prior to joining the TCC she was the Coordinator of Health and Wellness at the Paul Robeson Campus Center as well as the Program Coordinator of the LGBTQ and Diversity Resource Center at Rutgers University- Newark. Nikita has worked with young people and professionals in the juvenile justice system, public and private schools, universities and faith-based communities. With her background in human sexuality she has served as a trainer for Answer- Sex Ed, Honestly, providing sexuality education training to teachers and other youth-serving professionals. She has also worked with HiTOPS in Princeton, assisting with the implementation of the Teen Prevention Education Program (Teen PEP) in various high schools throughout New Jersey.

“My ultimate goal is to ensure that all individuals have access to resources that will help them thrive, and to keep people talking about the important issues that impact teens and young adults.”